About Shari

Shari McGrail July 2008Most Realtors do not start out aspiring to become Realtors.  It was my long-time interest in business that afforded me the opportunity to build the skills necessary to be an effective Realtor, and all of my experience serves you well.  I stay by your side through your real estate transaction and well past the close of your escrow.  That is only one of the plusses that set me apart.

What many people do not know about Realtors is that we operate as independent business people.  In addition to Sales, we are our own Marketing department, we establish Business Plans and Budgets to follow, and we are Negotiators.  We are responsible for carefully assisting our clients through legal contracts, and I represent you and your best interest every step along the way.  Additionally, real state laws change, the many forms needed for real estate transactions change, and the market itself has changed in a way that “new” types of sales are with us.  Staying alert for change is something I take seriously as I continue to keep my real estate license current.

I grew into being a Realtor through my work experiences, which include managing my own business ventures as well as working in the corporate world.  Some of the skills I honed are negotiation skills, managing people and projects, task and timeline organization, communicating clearly with people, analyzing data, and working with attorneys —  all are experiences that help make me a very competent Realtor.  Click here for More specifics about my working and professional background.

That experience combined with my policy of giving honest and complete responses to your questions, works well.  Additionally, working together with people truly brings me enjoyment.  I honestly love what I do, and the result is that my long list of happy and satisfied clients just keeps growing! Click here to read Notes of Appreciation. Being a Realtor is truly the “ultimate job” for me! Additionally, a professional measure of success I have achieved is Placer County Association of Realtors’ Masters Club status in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Master’s Club designates the Top Ten Percentile of Agents in the County, and I am now a Lifetime Member.

When we first moved to Lincoln in 2004, our daughter, Jenna, and I were a mother-daughter Realtor team.  (She had been a Realtor in Walnut Creek and decided to move to this area, as well.)  We worked with Keller Williams Realty, and most of our business was in Rocklin and Roseville.  As I became more involved with new friends and activities in Lincoln Hills, it was clear that the best way to enjoy the Lincoln Hills Lifestyle was to work close to home.  Coincidentally that was the same time (late 2005) that Penny Carolan decided to expand her brokerage by bringing on agents to work with her.  I really feel like the winner in this regard because Penny was a wonderful Broker for me.  So then I could have my cake and can eat it, too!  My brokerage affiliation was right down the street from where I live, and I continued a robust, full-time career in a place where I can knowledgeably introduce you to a variety of real estate choices in a community with oh-so-many amenities. – Plus I can play and enjoy the Lincoln Hills Lifestyle myself!

Change happens:  In Fall 2011 Penny decided to stop wearing her Broker’s hat and she took her license to Keller Williams Realty in Roseville.  A number of us did the same and now I have gone full circle, but again I get to have my cake and eat it, too!  Keller Williams does not normally have satellite offices, but Penny negotiated to keep the office in Sun City Lincoln Hills open under the name of KW. It is wonderful continuing to have a presence in my own community and the brokerage support and other advantages of an international realty only a short drive away on Pleasant Grove Boulevard.

On a personal note — Jim and I made the move from the Bay Area in order to find our dream home; that is, a single story home in great condition.  Luckily Jenna followed and lives nearby in Roseville with her husband, Erik, and my two darling grandchildren, Drew and Brynn.  Our son, Ryan, lives in Pleasanton which is an easy car trip away for frequent visits.  Also, my Mom and Sibs relocated from Nebraska to Reno long ago, and living in Lincoln makes it possible to see them more easily, too! I continue to be happy with the move to Lincoln Hills.  I love our beautiful home and neighborhood, and have fun with neighbors and new friends.  I like spending time at the swimming pools, somewhat regular visits to the gyms, playing pool, playing board games, dabbling with golf, hiking the trails, summer concerts at the amphitheater and much more.  There is a never-ending supply of activities to explore.

So, THIS IS THE LIFE for me !

(If you wish, click here for more personal background – which is probably more than you want to know … really!)