More about Shari

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and my first Executive Admin experience was at Strategic Air Command at Offutt AFB, where I reported directly to a bird Colonel and he, in turn, to a General. There was no shortage of Generals at SAC Hq, and it was my introduction to producing reliable, presentable results with executives in mind.

We soon moved to California, and my Top Secret clearance led me to Lockheed (LMSC) in Sunnyvale where I assisted the head of the Microelectronics Division (microelectronics was all the rage and LMSC had it’s own clean room where silicon chips were made – we were right next door to the group working on the Space Shuttle – all so fascinating!); then on to being the personal assistant to the Founder and Chairman of Ampex Corporation in Redwood City (another fascinating experience right in the thick of technology and health research at the time); and then to San Francisco. There I began with an international executive recruiting firm (headhunters ) and then accepted the position of Executive Admin for two independently wealthy venture capitalists. It was quite interesting observing them evaluate the management and profitability of new companies, to be followed with commitment of their funds. … And then I took some time to have two wonderful children!

My years of Exec Admin and Assisting afforded me valuable educational opportunities in learning about business and the appreciation of managing business risk, managing projects, preparing and making presentations, and so on. Meanwhile, Jim was a software engineer and developer throughout his career, operating independently most of the time. So, it was natural for me to participate in small, independent ventures while we raised our children.

Eventually I owned and operated a computer outsource business for seven years. My primary client was SCO (Santa Cruz Operation), a key player in the UNIX operating system arena at the time. I was their point of contact for approximately 3,000 Authorized Resellers in North America. A major part of that responsibility was for the data input and accuracy of a large, custom and complex database. I operated remotely at a time when that method was not all that commonplace. Additionally, I was the initial point of contact for several thousand UNIX ACE’s worldwide, which required still more database involvement and fulfillment. Though I was the name and voice all of these people turned to, I employed a small staff to assist me. Since I had the bandwidth, I also managed a very active seminar registration and fulfillment service for SCO, using our own custom software. As constant changes occurred within this international corporation, I was one of the stable entities that Management often turned to for a clear understanding of the programs I administered for the company.

When the software industry experienced a major downturn around the year 2000, I returned to the corporate world. I was employed by ChevronTexaco as their sole Litigation Analyst for international litigation, reporting directly to the attorney who handled all international litigation for ChevronTexaco. I tracked 700 to 800 cases, especially the status of the large, involved suits. I also tracked rather large budgets for outside counsel, approved payments, and so on. The attorney I worked for was amazing and she reported directly to the VP level. Her position along with my interaction with attorneys, case data and budget data often put me in a position to produce “results under fire”, and my contributions were always relied upon and appreciated.

I expected to stay at ChevronTexaco until retirement, but after much thought we made the decision to move to Lincoln, which afforded me the choice to work independently again. Meanwhile our daughter was a Realtor in Walnut Creek at the time and continually encouraged me to join her. She was my mentor and well in advance of our move to Lincoln, I rolled up my sleeves and became a licensed Realtor.

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