Additional About Shari

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.  My husband, Jim, grew up in Pennsylvania and Florida, and I’m happy his time in the Air Force brought him to Strategic Air Command Headquarters in Omaha where we could meet.  Early in our marriage we moved to California to be in San Francisco, though our work caused us to live in Palo Alto a few years and then Daly City.   (Jim and I smile at the fact that we began our married life in Lincoln, Nebraska and love that we find ourselves in Lincoln, California now.)

On a personal note, early on Jim and I had been looking to buy our first house on the Peninsula for quite a while and would frequent open houses thinking we could find the “the right one” on our own.  A couple times we thought we were close, but it did not seem we could really afford to buy.  Then we had our first Realtor experience!  We met a friend of a friend who happened to be a Realtor and with whom we shared our story.  She was from Lafayette, a part of the Bay Area we had not explored by then, and she was sure she could help.  To be polite, wet met her in Lafayette the next day and fell in love with the town.  Our Realtor helped us through the process, we discovered we could afford a modest home in Lafayette and happily became home owners!  We stayed in the East Bay – Lafayette to Pleasant Hill – for 30 years and still see our long-time friends there.  Over the years we bought and sold a few more homes, always with the guidance of knowledgeable Realtors … but I digress.

Like so many parents, we enjoyed good times with our children as they grew up.  We spent countless weekends timing races at swim meets and attended lots of soccer games.  We went sailing, learned to windsurf, enjoyed season tickets to Shakespeare in the Orinda Hills and traveled with (and without ) our children.

Because we worked independently we had the luxury of scheduling our own time and could have special involvement with Jenna and Ryan.  One such opportunity was an extra circular program called Odyssey of the Mind.  It was offered through public school, but had to be run by volunteers.  It is an academic program that encourages children to think outside the box in a big way, learning how to solve problems and think creatively.  We coached several small teams of students from fifth grade through high school, and even took many of our teams to State competitions.  Jenna and Ryan still refer to arriving at OM solutions to issues they encounter today.

Now as grandparents, we have the fun of watching the creative wheels turn with Drew and Brynn (born 2007 and 2012).